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Welcome to the Tokyo Mew Mew rating community! ^_^

Hello all! =D And once again,welcome. ^^; So,do you have trouble figuring out if you're kind like Retasu? Or obsessive like Kisshu? Hyper like Purin? Well,we'll help you with that! :D Thus why we exist! ..

Oh,and because not many people know about Ringo,we will not be including her.. ^^; Sorry about that.

Your mod: itakofying

+ Co-Mods

+ charmikitty
+ koneko

All right,we got some rules. Read before posting >.>

+ Applications must be under lj-cuts. Don't know how to do one? Go here.
+ Please type like a normal human being. No caps ('Cause it sounds like you're yelling at us >.>), no 'typ1n lyke d1s!1!!,and no l337 please. The reason I ask for this is so that we can read your applications without any problems. Occasional typos are fine,but not AAALLLL the time.
+ BOLD your votes so that I can count them faster.
+ Please do not fill in answers just to get the character you want. It ruins the purpose of this.
+ No fights please. Which means no character bashing,etc. So be nice!
+ After 5 days or 6 votes,you will be stamped (by a mod) by the majority.
+ If you do not like your result,please resubmit your application in TWO WEEKS. Also,you're allowed to resubmit once.
+ When you get your stamp,if you wish to use it,upload it to your own server and link it back here. And,don't steal any graphics! I will know. >_>
+ So I know that you read the rules,put 'My Sweet Heart' in your entry title.
+ This is for everyone,so it's not gender-restricted. And jsut because you're a girl,you could get a guy result,or a guy getting a girl result,so yeah. =D
+ If you wish to affiliate,just ask. =D
+ Pictures are not necessary,but if you want,you may post 2. No cosplay pictures please!
+ Just because you have not been stamped yet does not mean you can't vote on other people's applications. Please vote so they can get stamped! ^^
+ Try to be detailed with your answers!
+ NO ADVERTSISING ANYTHING THAT ISN'T ANOTHER RATING COMMUNITY HERE,please >>; It will be counted as spam. Want to advertise something else? Plug it on your OWN journal.

Onto the application!

The Mew Mews

Berii Shirayuki
Ichigo Momomiya
Minto Aizawa
Purin Fon
Retasu Midorikawa
Zakuro Fujiwara

The guys

Keiichiro Akasaka
Masaya Aoyama
Meguru Tasuku
Ryou Shirogane

Stamped members list.



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