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My Sweet Heart! (Rar! :B)

Sweet, sweet heart!

Name: Sunni
Nickname(s): Oh so many!
Age: 15, turning 16 in a fewwwww monthssssss!

Likes: Kitties, food, sleep, food, sleep, food, colors, food, cakes, internet, food, sleep, sleep, and just about everything else in the dictionary.

Dislikes: Rude people, pollution, and bad cake D:

Hobbies: Internet... :D

Talents: I like to draw, dance, dance, sleep, eat, and internet.
Pet peeves: Rude people.

Strong points: :D

Weak points: D:

Favorite food: FOOD! Cake, cookies, candies, meat, and fruit (Strawberries yum!)

Favorite color: Red and Yellow... and shiny...

Mature or immature: I have the potential to be mature and the capability to be ImMaTurererere!

Who is your favorite character? Ringo Akai and Ucha. :3 AND KISSHU<3

Anything else? Rah Aimma Tigah. ._.
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