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My Sweetheart <3

Name: Kalyn
Nickname(s): Kai, and many other mispronunciations of my real name ((My sub called me Kevin once! ><) For all of you wondering, it’s pronounced like “Calendar”, without the “dar” part.
Age: 15 (16 in a little less than two months! *dances*)

Likes: cosplaying, reading, writing, roleplaying, Marching Band/Colorguard, spinning rifle and flag, watching TV, Anime/Manga ((duh...)), foxes, when people try to insult me in a poor manner- I like to argue with them and show just how completely worthless their argument was. (For example, my favorite and most used comeback is, "Oh...my apologies- it appears you're under the impression that I actually care about what you're saying to me. I beg your pardon, I'll try to work harder in the future to ensure that this kind of mishap doesn't happen again.") Getting into trouble with Cassy, drinking around the bonfire at the Faerie Festival, TMM((Another, Duh!))

Dislikes: spiders and most insects, having people insult me ((unless it's a stupid insult)), when people argue with me about something that they obviously know nothing about, being told that I can't do something, when other bands are like, "Westminster? Westminster who?" ((That's us- The Westminster High School Marching Band. We're very small and almost no one knows us, so when we go to competitions, it really ticks me off when the other bands, who are at least 3 times bigger than us, are like, "Psh- whatever. Like this puny band can do anything." But it makes me happy when we kick their a$$es. *smirk)), when people say I'm stupid, or slow

Hobbies: anime, cosplaying, Marching Band ((Colorguard baby! *peace sign*)), spinning rifle and flag, writing, reading, internet, getting into insult "contests" with people, debates, dressing up in weird outfits, dressing up in our old guard uniforms, shushing Cassy when she makes fun of others…even though, it IS funny…

Talents: spinning flag and rifle, writing, piano, able to make anyone laugh ((so far, no one's been able to resist me :3)), able to manipulate people into doing what I want, acting

Pet peeves: when people try to argue with me about something they OBVIOUSLY know nothing about, stupid people ((ok…this guy in my keyboarding class asks me, dead serious- “Do double space, do you press enter 6 times?” I nearly killed him ><)), when people make fun of me or call me stupid when I express my opions about something

Strong points: family and friends, my sarcasm and wit

Weak points: cute, baby animals((or humans babies)), the fact that I'm TOO giving and kind. I tend to let people walk all over me... sometimes, anyways. I'm...just...a little slow... >< sometimes. I have a tendency to worry excessively over people u.u

Favorite food: crabs :3 or maybe a salad… oh! Ramen, or yakisoba! ^__^ oh wait,

Favorite color: Purpur! (German for Purple)

Mature or immature: uh…Well…I have a good sense of knowing when to be Mature, and when it’s ok to be Immature. Like, at this Bingo Fundraiser thing for the Marching Band, me and some friends got into a big fight with the Bingo Dabbers and ended up covered with marker stuff, but then I have to be mature when it comes to things like decisions and whatever.

Who is your favorite character? Why? Hmm…*ponders* I don’t know…Kish, or Lettuce I guess. Kish because I find him hysterical- his randomly popping up-ness and kissing Ichigo also made me giggle, and I find him to be a very humorous individual.

I like Lettuce because I think she’s a lot like me in some ways- shy and soft-spoken, always trying to me nice...but she has a very strong inner courage, and is always there for her friends.

Anything else? Olive ewe. :3
From an FMA-matchmaker:

Hero or Villain? depends on the person.. I can be a sugar-coated Hero for some people, but some other people know me as a bitter witch who will find any reason to lash out at you and cut you down into bite-sized little pieces.
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