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Um yayz~

My Sweetheart

Name: Ariel
Nickname(s): Rei, Arii.
Age: 12

Likes: Drawing, playing, friends, sweets, video games, using the computer, iconing, anime/manga, taking pictures, sleeping, animals, shopping, music, and japanese culture.
Dislikes: stuck up people, homework, school in general. >_>; crowds, bugs, racims, sexism, and odd foods (x3).
Hobbies: Graphic design, being with my friends, drawing, playing the gutair.
Talents: I can swim and play basketball well. :o I think playing the gutair and drawing too but not very well. :\
Pet peeves: Annoyances, people who curse alot for their own good.

Strong points: I'm a good friend. People who are happy makes me happy. I will do anything for a person in need. (ex. Homeless, orphans, etc.)
Weak points: I'm awfully shy. xD I tend not to look at people in the eye alot. Even when it comes to boys xD. I tend to be quiet alot. Even when I'm on the phone. >_o I'm kinda emotional, and eat to much for my own good.

Favorite food: Ramen, sushi, chocolate, ice cream, almost any kind of pastry, well mostly japanese food is good for meh. :3
Favorite color: Black, teal, green, orange~

Mature or immature: Mature when quiet, Immature when around friends... So I guess I'm mostly immature.

Who is your favorite character? Why? Kisshu, because he would do anything for the one he loves. (Like Ichigo, or the people of his kind) <3

Anything else? Nope. I'm done. :D
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