Oishii Onigiri (oishiionigiri) wrote in tmm_rating,
Oishii Onigiri

My Sweet Heart...

Name: Oishi Onigiri :P
Nickname(s): None I guess
Age: 15

Likes: Food,daydream,doodling,learning interesting stuff (like dojo, archery if I have the chance), languages,Anime,manga,baking if I don't screw up,psychology, making new friends and more
Dislikes: People who rank higher/seniors that bosses and act as if they are the god (and look down on people).People who think that they are good and boast about their study results.(which means people who think they are xxx when they are not)I also don't like things related to maths.Not novels too and I hate skirts.
Hobbies: Sleep, games,eat and daydream.Probably those from my likes.
Talents: My talent would be arts then.
Pet peeves: Those under dislike? 0_0

Strong points: I always lend a helping hand to my friends if they really need help, a listening ear to share problems with and will try to help them out of it or give them a kick to start something. I am not very short-tempered and always survive with what I have.Some counts of creativity.
Weak points: Sometimes I think(too much)before I talk but that lead me to more trouble.Thus, everytime I shoulder all blame,be it my fault or not. I tend to apologized more.I have no fashion sense and is a route moron.I am also a very underappreciated person and used to it.Can be quite gullible at times.u_u

Favorite food: All I find delicious (excluding veggies)
Favorite color: Blue

Mature or immature: Mature when things are on the serious side (or will lead to), maybe immature most of the time? (but to a certain extend)

Who is your favorite character? Why? Ichigo I think cause she is fun.Not sure about Berri.The manga cuts off early.

Anything else? My post is about the same as what I give for other ratings :) I think the stamping might be a bit slow but I will still votes for others ^_^

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