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[ [ My ♥ Sweet ♥ Heart ] ]

Name: Kurayami is my web alias, but I also go by Aleyna. <3
Kura, Kusagi, Kura-Kura, Kura-Kusa, Yami, Rami, Kurami, Kurachi, and just about whatever else you can think of that somehow relates to Kurayami.

Likes: Graphic/Web design, Fullmetal Alchemist, AIR, Tokyo Mew Mew, animals, chocolate, ice cream, technical theatre, shopping, drawing, writing, RENT, Wicked, music, my friends, my dog…you know, the works. :D
Dislikes: Chat speak/1337, excessive use of smilies, cheating, lying, grasshoppers, slackers, gloaters, not being able to understand things, plagiarism, posers, etc.
Graphic/web design, technical theatre, being with friends, eating(hehe <3), drawing, etc.
People say that I’m a good artist and graphic designer, but I don’t always believe them.
Pet peeves: People who don’t follow through, evil little children(the nice ones are okay, but I hate bratty kids), those who think of themselves to be superior to others, messy/unorganized things.

Strong points:
I’ll do anything for a friend, I’m independent, I have a good sense of humor, I have a nice eye for detail, I’m good at verbal communicating and…I’m good with numbers. xD;
Weak points: I can be really, really slow. ♥;; I have an awful temper and I tend to overreact to certain things. I can get very emotional and that isn’t always a good thing with me. ^_^;; Though I’m also a total people-pleaser. I also contradict myself often and I’m a horribly picky eater…that tends to get on people’s nerves a lot.

Favorite food:
Shrimp. <33 I like steak and pizza, as well.
Favorite color:

Mature or immature:
I try act and I’ve been told I succeed in being mature. =)

Who is your favorite character? Why?
Hmm, that’s always been a hard question for me. I suppose I like Ichigo best, though. Even though she can be sue-ish, I like her optimism. Plus, I adore Ryou x Ichigo, which can’t happen without Ichigo! =D

Anything else?
Nope, that about does it. ^_^
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