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My Sweet Heart <3 :)

Name: Michaelene! (--That's "Michael" with an "ene"- everyone mispronounces my name for some reason...-_____-;)
Nickname(s): Mikki (Mike E) or Mike! 8D
Age: 17, baby! ;D

Likes: Oh lot's of things! :D Art, music, video games, food, adorable movies, my family, my friends, literature, my computer, t-shirts, memories, popsilces, Japanese culture, manga, animals, nature, tea, night time

Dislikes: Mean, evil, snobby, and/or fake people, the feeling of being nervous (butterflies in my stomach x3) nightmares, fighting with loved ones, cloudy days

Hobbies: I talk to myself alot, I've done it ever sense I was a child. I love playing video games and ride my bike. I'm also on the computer alot, keeping my LJ. :)
Talents: I love to draw- I'm an artist! I also like writing fan fiction, stories, and fairytales, and I'm taking piano lessons.
Pet peeves: I don't like spiders, (even though they are actualy so cool, they just scare me! @_@) posers (I can't sand when people pretend to be what they are not! >[) and cl-cl-CLOWNS!! >___O

Strong points: Happy-go-lucky, zany, outrageous, dorky, funny, a dreamer, tomboyish sometimes, sweet, an optimist, loving, crazy, unique, lighthearted, mind of a child's.
Weak points:Can be a real idiot, naive, clumbsy, can get depressed and be a jerk when I'm pissed or sad, (Hardly ever though! :D) simpleton, don't think, carefree.

Favorite food: Hot Dogs are schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. XD
Favorite color: Red, baby! ;D

Mature or immature: ROFL!!! XD XD XD I'm a mature person, but my mind is of a child's.

Who is your favorite character? Why? Pudding because she's so adorable! I love how she's so hyper and sweet all the time. She reminds me of me- (there's always a cute, little hyper one in a shojo manga! XDDD)

Anything else? Nope, this one's good! 8D 8D 8D
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