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My sweet heart (^^;;)

Nickname(s): Tropicana, Psycho 3 1/2, I used to be Missy Loo
Age: 12

Likes: the "Alice in Wonderland" books,poetry, dancing hyperly to music with a hairbrush and singing (lol) acting, Tim Burton, Bright colors, Clothes, yummy food, Japan, Decora, beauty, fish,( not to eat tho ❤), having fun with my friends, music (i like Shonen Knife, The White stripes, 20's music and doo-wop to name a bit), and too much more to type!★
Dislikes: cruelty to people and animals, boringness, conformity, ugly stuff
Hobbies: drawing, working on my zine, listening to music♫, chatting with my friends, cutting out magazine pics for collages, DIY, baking, memorizing poems(don't ask) and reading a lot!❀
Talents:I'm good at acting and Shakespeare, and memorizing poetry ( again, please dont ask) , and drawing i guess, and putting together outfits, and pickle-making ^^
Pet peeves: um....i dunno. constant nagging maybe.

Strong points: . um.....I'm pretty confident, and usually enthusiastic and hyper. I have a lot of ideas
Weak points:well, sometimes your strong points are also your weak points. i fear sometimes I'm *too* confident. and sometimes i kinda judge people quickly in my mind. but then i mentally take it back. ^^''

Favorite food:daifuku, pretty much all fruit (esp. blueberries), cookies, and chocolate! ❤ yum now i'm hungry
Favorite color: Mostly pink but also yellow, seafoam/mint green, blue, and purple

Mature or immature: kinda immature and childlike (cause i am) mostly but can be mature when i have to i think

Who is your favorite character? Why? Purin 'cause she's cute and hyper and also the adorable romanticness of Berri and Ichigo

Anything else? um.....this was fun to do, im exited to see the results!✧ bye ^3^
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