Erin (princesschuuxox) wrote in tmm_rating,

My Sweet Heart

Name: Erin
Nickname(s): Fumiko, Fumi, Fucchan, Fufu
Age: 18

Likes: Cute things, music, clothes, makeup, food XD
Dislikes: Ketchup, crappy teen movies, talking in my Humanities class..>.<;;
Hobbies: Photography, blogging, drawing, sleeping, stuff with friends
Talents: Learning languages, imitating people
Pet peeves: Rude people, people who walk too slow in the halls at school

Strong points: Loyal, friendly, good conscience
Weak points: Shy, lazy, cries too easily

Favorite food: Oh goddd..too many...Kimchi, ravioli, cheesecake, and tuna to name a few.
Favorite color: Red and pink

Mature or immature: More on the mature side for the most part...but I have my moments XD

Who is your favorite character? Why? Beri~! She's adorable and I love bunnies, so yeah XD

Anything else?

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Breyzy votes Beri...
Yin votes Retatsu too! :)
~Your application just really reminded us of them.
I'm seeing Berii.
I'm going with Berii too.
Gotta admit, I see Berii.