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My Sweet Heart :3

Name: Jennifer... :D
Nickname(s): Jenny, Yomi-chan.. Jenn, Anything people decide to call me!
Age: 18

Likes: studying in different places, the newspaper, USA, yaoi and yuri, individuality, music, climbing, adventures, having all kinds of friends, trying things I haven't before!
Dislikes: loud people in classrooms, homophobia, band wagons, people who don't know how to argue and end up making a lot of fallacies.
Hobbies: bugging talking to my sisters, meeting new people, playing... sports, board games, video games, w/e... =D, learning, surfing the web, hanging out w/ people.
Talents: Fast learner...
Pet peeves: A dripping faucet.

Strong points: Easy to get along with, good listener and critical thinker, inquisitive, and not so weak.
Weak points: straight forward, easily forgets...

Favorite food: Soy stuff, and animal-free.♥
Favorite color: red, yellow, purple, blue, orange, and ALL the rest!

Mature or immature: Mature with those of higher social standing than I.

Who is your favorite character? Why? I believe... Purin. She's so "out there" - I love it. XD;;

Anything else? I'm ever so random... And I like my very oddly placed piercings; and this pretty true survey...
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