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My Sweet Heart ♥

Name: Jayden
Nickname(s): Never had any XD
Age: 15

Likes: music, food, mathematics, boys XD, friends, fashion, reality shows
Dislikes: homophobes who hate me because I have a boyfriend, Ugg boots
Hobbies: YIM, dancing, reading
Talents: I can cry on demand XD
Pet peeves: haha, homophobic people, when the family HAS to bring up conversations about government

Strong points: I'm good at listening, I don't always let people step all over me
Weak points: I have like the weakest stomach ever and I can be a total wimp

Favorite food: Lo mein
Favorite color: cerulean :)

Mature or immature: I'm kind of immature, but my american civics teacher says that boys don't mature as fast as girls X3

Who is your favorite character? Why? I love Pudding because she's all cute and flexible XD I don't know any japanese names, sorry XD but I usually love characters like her :)

Anything else? Nope :) I think I got it all, but if I forgot something, tell me please XD

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