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.x[sweety sweety, my s w e e t [[heart]]

Name: Gaby
Gaby-su, Misha, Misha-chan, Gabs, Gabster, etc.  [[I have so many. :3]]
Age: 14 no wait... I'm 15. .__.

anime, manga, CardcaptorSakura, Pitaten, KingdomHearts, Aria, Ouran, TokyoMewMew, FinalFantasy, videogames, cute stuff, pretty stuff, ribbons [[lol]], plushies, making avatars, friends... ahh, you don't expect me to put all the stuff I like here did you? XD; That's impossible, it's going to take me foreverrr.
chatspeak [[we go to school and we learn how to spell, USE IT]], really really high English VA's for anime, people who makes fun of anime, cheaters, liars, clothes shopping [[eewww xD]], and er... I think this is good enough. :3

hanging out with my friends! [[lol]], watching movies, DDR-ing, ParaPara-ing, making avatars/icons, making graphics for sites, reading, and DRAWING! Of course<3
I guess you can say that drawing is my talent. [[link to my deviantart]] and if you count DDR as a talent. xD
Pet peeves:
cheaters, people who be nice to you when you're with them but act mean when they're around others, and rumors and stuff.

Strong points: I give good advice? Not really, well, my friends say I do, I don't really think so. xD Hm... listening to people and cheering them up [[I guess]], being a good friend, and uh... creativity. xD
Weak points:
I have no self-confidence at all. NONEATALL. -emoes- And I'm really shy around people that I don't know, but I can be really really open with my friends. :D

Favorite food: It's all too hard to pick. xD
Favorite color:
shades of blue and gray, light pink, and orange! :D

Mature or immature:
I can be mature, but mostly immature. xD

Who is your favorite character? Why? It was Ichigo before Berri came, but now it's Berri~ :D It's just because she's so cute. :3

Anything else?
Nothing else really. :D You don't need pictures right? XD
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