Zenja (shining_silence) wrote in tmm_rating,

My sweet heart

Name: Susanna
Nickname(s): I don't have any
Age: 15

Likes: anime, manga, animals, movies, music, boys, manipulating and tricking people, beeing mean and sarcastic
Dislikes: school, history, Valentine's Day, annoying people, copycats, stupid jokes, fakers, animaltests
Hobbies: dancing, reading, writing, drawing, singing, listening to music, watching anime
Talents: I've been told that I'm a good dancer, but I'm not so sure. People also say that I draw and write very well and I agree with them. ^^
Pet peeves: People who think they're funny, but actually they are quite annoying. I also hate animaltests and people who hurt animals.

Strong points: I'm calm and intelligent and I know how to get what I want. I'm also a good listener. And I'm pretty, of course.
Weak points: I'm not good at working in a group, because I prefer to work alone. My friends say that I like to shine solo :P I also don't trust people easily.

Favorite food: Pizza :P
Favorite color: Blue and purple

Mature or immature: Absolutely mature. I think I never act like immature.

Who is your favorite character? Why? I like Masaya most, I'm not so sure why. Maybe he reminds me of someone I know...

Anything else? Not really.
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