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My Sweet Heart =3

Name: Kortnee
Nickname(s): Korori, Koro-koro, Konlover (by my friend)
Age: 14

Likes: The Ocean, sleeping, the color orange, moonlight, cats, the computer
Dislikes: lolicon, hentai, Soylent Green (a movie), scary movies
Hobbies: drawing, reading, walking
Talents: drawing :D
Pet peeves: When I touch paper with wet hands

Strong points: timid, kind, outgoing
Weak points: lazy, moody, quiet

Favorite food: ice cream and ramen
Favorite color: orange, red, blue

Mature or immature: a bit both.

Who is your favorite character? Why? Zakuro. She's cool and collected.

Anything else? Kon is <3 (from Bleach)
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